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You can plan journeys from and to a postcode, postal address, town or village, named station or stop, or point of interest, but do NOT include the name of the County.

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Journeys planned more than 14 days in advance should be re-planned less than 14 days before the date of travel in case services or times have changed in the meantime.
† These options can be used to change the settings for the journey planner to suit your own needs.
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Anywhere in Britain

Our journey planner can now plan door-to-door journeys across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales thanks to data imported from other traveline regions. Why not add this page to your Favourites now!

Service disruption

For details of  rail service disruption please check

Where we know of bus service disruptions we add messages to journey plans and to timetables (where they are shown under an "Important Information" button or a separate bookmark). 

Details of services over bank holiday weekends are included in the journey planner, and on service timetables about three weeks before each holiday. Information available more than 3 weeks before a bank holiday may be subject to late changes.

Schoolday services : Some schoolday journeys can operate on days before the normal start of term for their area – please check with the operator to confirm this if it is relevant to your needs.

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This site provides comprehensive information for all public transport services within the coloured areas above.
It also offers door-to-door journey planning across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.